Frequently Asked Questions

  • FileFap is a free adult image hosting community, which basiclly means we allow you to upload your adult images and if you choose share them with the world or your friends.

You don't need to register an account to browse and upload images but there are many advantages to bcoming a member so why not join today.

As a registered user you get access to the extra features such as being able to use the progress bar upload system, adding friends, leaving comments, creating a profile, creating multiple galleries and being able to add to the album edit and delete your files without having to remeber your edit url like you do without an account.

Currently they will stay online forever but as the site grows we may have to delete images uploaded by guests that haven't been viewed for a long time. We will let you know if we have to take the above action.

You can upload any image type of any dimensions, there is a limit of 10MB currently on the filesize of an individual image. Should you find an image type we don't accept let us know!

Answer coming soon...

If you have uploaded your files as a guest we will give you a link that you can access to edit and delete your files. If you are a member go to myfiles and select the folder with the files you wish to delete, this will show you all the images in that folder now you need to select the image(s) you wish to delete with the checkbox and press the delete button at the top of the page.

We take this issue very seriously, if you do find illegal or copyrighted material on our site you can report it using the report file link which is on every image page.

Of course you can, view our upgrade plans here or upgrade your account here. The upgrade process is automated so your account is upgraded straight away!!

Tutorial coming soon...

Read the tutorial here at this process is almost the same for the progress bar except you don't have to select extract linking codes as the progress bar uploader does this for you.

If you forget your username or password you can recover this by going to

If for some crazy reason you want your account deleted, send an email to us from the same email that you have registered your account with, if possible let us now why so we can make the site better.

You can ask in the forum where a member of FileFap or an administrator can help you out. If you don't want to ask in the forum you can send a message to Tom

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