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Re: Fap Points

Postby maxina002 » Fri Jul 29, 2011 9:10 pm

What are Fap Points?
We decided to reward our users that upload popular images and videos so we created Fap Points.

Fap Points allow you to browse FileFap without any advertisments the same as a Pro User can.

How do i earn Fap Points?
Its easy to earn Fap Points, everytime someone views one of your images or watches a video you have uploaded your account is awarded half a Fap Point. There is no limit on how many Fap Points you can earn.

How many Fap Points get used to view Ad Free?
Whenever you browse a page that would normally have adverts 1 Fap Point will be taken from your account.

How can i earn more Fap Points?
The more people that view your files the more Fap Points you earn, to get more points. Try sharing your files with friends in online forum's for example or else where online using the linking codes for your images. If you upload good quality video's and galleries you are much more likely to collect more Fap Points.

I have a pro account do i still use my Fap Points?
No, If you are a paid member with a Pro account then your Fap Points won't be used. Pro members can collect Fap Points but currently can't use them

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