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Due to repeated issues with my fakes and blogs getting taken down, I will no longer be uploading them here or posting to a blog. My entire collection of fakes so far can be found at and all future fakes will be posted on my COPP thread (see above for link).

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    Polopus ( 05:32PM Feb 16,2012 )

    Yeah! Doctor Who for the win!

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    roazoa ( 07:33PM Feb 15,2012 )

    [img][/img] no blog

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    Bunboy ( 10:35PM Feb 13,2012 )

    Your blog is gone [img][/img]

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    JustinRSilvers ( 07:33PM Feb 09,2012 )

    Oh and another heads up if you use kinky blogging again check no on allow my site to appear on search engines

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    JustinRSilvers ( 07:29PM Feb 09,2012 )

    Ok umm they deleted your blog again..... Use they wont delete your blog no matter what you have on there.

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